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Agafonov Evghenij Andriyovych (1879 - 1955)

One of the main representatives of the Ukrainian Art Nouveau, illustrator and stage designer. Born in Kharkiv. In 1899 he entered St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where he studied under the tutelage of Pavel Kovalevsky and F. Roubaud. In 1907 he received the title of an artist and was awarded a gold medal. During the 1905 revolution he illustrated the satirical Kharkiv magazines "Shtyk (Bayonet)", "Mech (Sword)" "Zloi dukh (Evil spirit)", and others. Starting 1906 he participated in the exhibitions of the Society of Kharkiv Artists. He illustrated the works of Gogol. In 1908 he actively participated in preparing the exhibition "Zveno (Link)", which was organized by D. Burliuk, A. Ekster and M. Larionov in Kyiv. In 1909 he organized a groundbreaking exhibition the Blue lily in Kharkiv and founded an experimental theatre the "Blue Eye", for which he made a number of production designs, including "The Unknown Woman" of Alexander Blok that was later shown in St. Petersburg. In 1911 he established an avant-garde union under the name the "Ring" that had organized three exhibitions with the participation of the representatives of the art group the "Jack of Diamonds" (1911, 1912, 914). In 1913 he participated in the exhibitions of the "Jack of Diamonds" in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Served as an art critic. In the early 1920s he emigrated to the United States. There he was engaged in easel painting, graphic design and advertising. Participated in an exhibition of the Society of the Independent Artists (1929) and a group exhibition at the French gallery (1931) in New York, and held his solo exhibitions in New York and in the State of Connecticut. Author of portraits, still lifes, genre scenes and decorative panels. Many works that were stored in the Kharkiv Art Museum were lost during the war, and only a few drawings and theatrical sketches have survived.

Painters works:

Auction 6 Lot 71

«Still life with a pumpkin», 1920s.
canvas, oil; 38.5 x48,5

Price: 6 000 - 12000 $