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Alexeyev Olexandr Oleksiyovych (1901 - 1982)

Famous French and Russian artist and stage director. Born in Kazan. He studied at the First Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg (1912 - 1917) and was simultaneously attending the private art classes. After the revolution he moved to Ufa, where he continued studying at the Art School, which was established by D. Burliuk. In 1919 he emigrated, travelled around Egypt and the UK. In 1921 he settled in Paris and attended LAcad_mie de la Grande Chaumi_re. He got acquainted with S. Sudeikin and became his follower and assistant. In the years of 1922 - 1925 he worked as a painter-decorator with N. Baliyev, J. Pitoev, G. Komissarzhevsky, G. Baty, L. Jouvet and others in numerous Parisian theatres and participated in designing the non-repertory performances of S. Diaghilev and the Swedish Ballet productions. Since 1925 he had been illustrating the books of Russian classics. Was an exhibitor at "7 Illustrators" (1927, Paris), and at the Exhibition of Russian Art (1928, Brussels). In 1929, he held his solo exhibition of lithographs in Paris. After 1930 he began experimenting with animated films and had been a great success in this field. The very first film of his called "The Night on a Scalped Mountain" (1933) was declared an innovative contribution to the world of cinematograph. He went down in the art history as the inventor of the needle-screen technique. In 1952 and 1954 he was awarded the honorary diplomas at the Venice Biennale and became a member of the French Cinema Academy. His solo exhibitions were held in Paris (1975, 1984, and 1991) and in Moscow (1995). In 1971 a well-known director Jean Mussel did a movie "My illustrated world" about the artists life and work. The National Centre of Cinematography in France keeps the art fund of O. Alekseyevs studio.

Painters works:

Auction 18 Lot 46

«The interior of the living room of Prince S. Volkonsky in a family estate in the Tambov province Borisoglebsk»,
IInd quater 20thC
canvas on board, oil; 3428

Price: 6 000 8 000 $

Auction 16 Lot 60

Paired work «The interior of the rooms in the family estate of Prince S. Volkonsky Pavlovka Borisoglebsk in Tambov province»
canvas cardboard, oil; 2833;
canvas cardboard, oil; 2833

Price: 10 000 15 000 $