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Altman Nathan Isayovych (1889 - 1970)

Russian and Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, sculptor, painter, stage and scenic designer. He was born in Vynnytsya. From 1903 till 1907 he studied at Odessa Art School  attending at one and the same time two departments: the department of painting (under the tutelage of G. Ladyzhenskyi and K. Kostandi) and the department of sculpture (under the guidance of L. Iorini and I. Marmone), and from 1910 till 1911 he attended the private studios in Paris. He was one of the organizers of the "Jewish Society for Encouraging Arts." From 1912 to 1921 he lived and worked in St. Petersburg-Leningrad, from 1921 till 1928 in Moscow, and from 1928 till 1935 - in Paris. Regularly exhibited his works at the Salons, and participated in group exhibitions of Russian artists (in the galleries of L'Hirondelle, Bonaparte, and others), also took part in the activities of the Society "La Russie neuve", and was a participant of the 1st and 2nd exhibitions of the revolutionary artists (1934 - 1935). In 1935 he returned to the Soviet Union, lived and worked in Leningrad. The Honoured Arts Worker of the RSFSR since1968.

Painters works:

Auction 17 Lot 57

«Gypsy-flower girl»,
Ist third 20thC
canvas, oil; 49,569,5

Price: 10 000 15 000 $

Auction 5 Lot 17

«South courtyard», 1900s
canvas, oil; 22,620

Price: 8 000 12000 $