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Van Os Georgius Jakobus Johannes (1782 - 1861)

A Dutch painter. Born in Hague. The representative of the famous dynasty of the artists. He studied sitting at his fathers feet, J. Van Os. Author of numerous drawings of plants, which became the illustrations to the fundamental scientific publication Flora Batava by J. Kops (1800 - 1822). In 1809 he received first prize of the Society for Encouraging Arts and Sciences (Felix Meritis Society) in Amsterdam for his watercolor. In 1812 he was awarded a gold medal at the Salon. In the same year he moved to Paris where he joined the Sevres porcelain manufactory. In the years of 1816 - 1822 he lived in Hague and Amsterdam. In 1822 he finally settled in Paris and continued to work on the painting of the Sevres porcelain and the French people nicknamed him a Rubens of flower painting. He was also engaged in easel painting and created many landscapes and still lifes. His works are presented at the London National Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Fitsuyilyama Museum of Cambridge University, the City Museum in Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), the Thaler Museum in Harleme, the Cleveland Museum of Arts, Art Institute in Minneapolis and others.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 162

«Flemish yard», IInd quarter 19thC
canvas, oil; 3036

Price: 5 000 7 000 $