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Vyeschylov Kostyantyn Oleksandrovych (1878 - 1945)

A Russian painter. Born in St. Petersburg. During 1893 - 1896 he studied at the Drawing School of the Siciety of Petersburg Artists, and in the years of 1896 - 1898 he attended the School of Duchess M. Tyenisheva. The years of 1898 - 1904 were the years of his study at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the tutelage of I. Repin. After graduating from the Academy he got a two years foreign pensionship. In 1908 he graduated from the Archaeological Institute. He participated in the Spring exhibitions in the Academy halls, in the exhibitions of the Society of Russian Watercolorists (being its member since 1911) and the Association of the Itinerant Art Exhibitions. Since 1912 he was appointed a painter of the Admiralty. Travelled around Egypt and Palestine, Italy and France. He got a prize in the Art Contest n.a. A. Kuindzhi and a prize of the Society for Encooraging Arts. Several paintings of the master were bought by Empress Maria Fedorivna. The works were reproduced in the magazines "Niva", "Ogonek", "Rodina" and "Solntse Rossii". In 1914 he was the head of the decorative division of the Theater reffered to the Literary and Art Society. Since 1922 he had lived and worked in France and since the mid of the 1930s - in the U.S. He painted landscapes and paintings using the themes of Russian and ancient history. His works are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the state Russian Museum and many other museums.

Painters works:

Auction 17 Lot 69

«The March sun»,
IInd quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 61,576,5

Price: 18 000 25 000 $

Auction 16 Lot 41

«Sunset over the sea», IInd quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 61

Price: 25 000 35 000 $

Auction 14 Lot 42

«Surf», IInd quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 5671,5

Price: 10 000 15 000 $

Auction 11 Lot 28

«Capri», Ist quarter 20thC
paper, pastel; 1243,5

Price: 5 000 7000 $

Auction 7 Lot 33

«Sunset over the stormy sea», Ist quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 6176

Price: 35 000 - 50000 $

Auction 5 Lot 31

«Eastern story», beginning 20thC
canvas on wood, oil; 56,576

Price: 25 000 35000 $

Auction 4 Lot 44

st quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 4025

Price: 15 000 25 000 $