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Viger-du-Vigneau Hector Jean Louis (1819 - 1879)

A French artist. Born in the town of Argentan, Basse-Normandie. He studied under the guidance of such famous representatives of the academic school as P. Delaroche, R. Monvoizi, M.-M. Drolling, H. Lehmann. Since 1845 he had been a permanent participant of the art salons. He lived and worked in Paris. Author of portraits, historical and genre paintings. He was also fond of miniature painting and watercolor. The works are kept in the National Museum of Versailles and Trianon, the Museum of Fine Arts in Marseille, the art museums of Cherbourg, Alen_on, and Argentan and Orleans.

Painters works:

Auction 16 Lot 161

«Evening at Malmaison. Josephine and Alexander Ist play the harp», 1860-s
wood, oil; 7392

Price: 15 000 20 000 $