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Villevalde Bogdan Pavlovych (1918 - 1903)

A famous Russian battle painter. Born in the town of Pavlovsk. He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in the art studio of K. Bryullov and O. Zauyerveid (1838 - 1844). As a student he received three silver (1838, 1939), two gold medals (1841, 1842) and the title of an artist (1842). Pensioner of the Academy of Arts abroad (1843 - 1844). Since 1845 he had become the Academician of the Academy of Arts. Beginning from 1842 he was an exhibitor of numerous exhibitions, including the World Exhibition in Paris (1867) and Vienna (1873), exhibitions in Antwerp (1885) and Berlin (1886). He also taught at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1848 - 1894). In 1888 he received the title of the Honoray Professor. P. Gruzynskyi, M. Schilder, W. Shternberg, and other famous artists were among his students. Painted portraits and paintings from the military history of Russia. A number of his works were devoted to the real military events in which he had participated. He had a great influence on the development of battle painting as an independent genre in the Russian art. His works are presented in the State Hermitage, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, and the art museums of Novgorod, Kaluga, Orel, Nyzhnyotagilsk, Volgograd and Irkutsk.

Painters works:

Auction 9 Lot 10

«Battle scene», 1840s
wood, oil; 3324

Price: 90 000 130000 $