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Villiers de Lisle-Adan Emiliy Samoylovych (Stepanovych) (1843 - 1889)

A Russian painter, aquarellist. He graduated from the Cavalry School in St. Petersburg. Untill 1880 he had been under arms and at the same time had been engaged in painting. In 1871 he received the title of a class artist of the 3rd degree, and in1881 the 2nd degree from St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Since 1872 he had participated in the exhibitions of the Academy, Association of Itinerant Exhibitions and the Society of Russian Watercolorists (one of the organizers and a member of the Society since 1880). In the early 1880s he travelled around Italy, Turkey, and Switzerland. Performed the landscapes of Naples, Palermo, Sicilia, and cityscapes of the ancient monuments of Constantinople. In 1887 his solo exhibitions were held in Odessa and St. Petersburg. He taught at Odessa Drawing School (1860 and 1886 - 1889) and at the Drawing School of the Society for Encouraging Arts in St. Petersburg (1880 - 1883). The works are stored in the Memorial Estate of V. Polyenov, the State Tretyakov Gallery, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 3 Lot 4

«Adriatic coastline»,1880s
paper, watercolor; 44,528

Price: 7 000 8 000 $