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Vinkler Karl Olexandrovych, von (1860 - 1911)

A Russian painter, aquarellist. He was born in the town of Revel (now Tallinn), Estonia. In 1884 graduated from the Philological Faculty of Revel University. He received professional art education first under the tutelage of K. Nirlender and A. Flater in Revel, then under the auspices of G. Eshkye and G. Wei in Lausanne (1889 - 1891). In 1896 he received the diploma of the teacher of drawing. Since 1893 he had participated in the art exhibitions, including the 10th  Exhibition of the Associatiation of Itinerant Art Exhibitions (1899), the Society of Russian Watercolorists, Estland Literary Society, Petersburg Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg Artists Society, the Society of Graphic Arts and others. In 1911 and 1926 his solo exhibitions were held in Tallinn. He lived and worked in Revel, Lausanne (1890s), St. Petersburg (1896 - 1902) and later in Italy. His works are in the collections of Saratov State Art Museum n.a. O. Radishchev, the Tallinn Art Museum and Tula Regional Art Museum.

Painters works:

Auction 6 Lot 31

«The street of the old town», late 19thC – beginning 20thC
canvas, oil; 7070

Price: 17 000 - 27000 $