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Vladymyrov Ivan Oleksiyovych (1869 - 1947)

Russian and Belarusian painter, graphic artist, aquarellist. Born in the town of Vilno, Belarus, lived and worked there and in St. Petersburg. He also had been to the Crimea and the Caucasus. He studied at Vilno Drawing School of I. Trutnyev (1888), in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1891 - 1897) under the tutelage of B. Villevalde, O. Kivshenko, and F. Roubaud. In 1897 he worked in Paris in the studio of E. Detaille. He was the artist-correspondent at the fronts of the Balkan, Japanese and First World Wars. Member of the art associations, including the association of Russian sculptors (1913 - 1918), the association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions (1916 - 1918), the Artists Association n.a. A. Kuindzhi, the Artists Association of the Revolutionary Russia- Association of Russian Artists (1923 - 1929). Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1946). He is well known as a landscape painter, genre painter, master of battle and historical painting.

Painters works:

Auction 11 Lot 25

«A blue expanse », Ist quarter XXthC
canvas, oil; 1324

Price: 4 500 5500 $

Auction 10 Lot 37

«Potters», 1930s
canvas cardboard, oil; 2843

Price: 17 000 22000 $

Auction 2 Lot 35

canvas on cardboard, oil; 2843

Price: 25 000 33 000 $