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Volkonskyi Sergiy Mykhailovych (1860 - 1937)

A famous Russian fine art expert, theater worker, and writer. Grandson of the Decembrist S. Volkonskayi and of the statesman V. Volkonskyi. He lived in the family estate in the village of  Pavlivka, Borisoglebsk County, Tambov province, the history of which had been connected with the family of the Dukes Volkonsky since 1862. He took an active part in public life, worked in the district council, was an honorary squire, and for some time - a district marshal of the nobility. In the early XX century he arranged the first and the unique Russian museum of Decembrists in Pavlivka. Director of the Imperial Theaters during 1899 - 1901. Author of the  works on art, was on friendly terms with many Russian artists, including K. Korovin, A. Benois, S. Sudeikin and his disciple O. Alekseyev. Emigrated in 1921, lived in Germany, France, and the USA. Director of the Russian Conservatory in Paris. In emigration he wrote "My memories" that are considered a model of Russian memoir prose. In this book, in particular, he told about his life in the estate of Pavlivka.