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Vrubel Mykhailo Oleksandrovych (1856 - 1910)

The prominent Russian painter, graphic artist, stage designer, painter of decorative  and applied art, sculptor. Born in Omsk. In the years of 1864, 1866 - 1869 he studied at the Drawing School of Society for Encouraginf Arts in St. Petersburg. During the years of 1870 - 1872 he studied at Odessa Drawing School, and then from 1877 to 1884 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in the art studios of P. Chystyakov and I. Repin. During 1884 - 1889 he lived in Kyiv. A. He was attracted by Prakhov to paint and restore St. Cyrils Church and the domes of St. Sophias Cathedral, and created the sketches for painting St.Volodymyrs Cathedral. For some time he taught at Kyiv Drawing School. In 1899 he moved to Moscow and joined the Abramtsevo Art Group. He regularly came to Abramtsevo, worked hard in the pottery workshop, used and developed the traditional Russian decorative patterns. In 1891 he performed the illustrations to the anniversary edition of M. Lermontov. In the years of 1891 - 1892 together with Mamontov and his family he made a trip to Italy. In 1892 he accompanied S. Mamontov in a trip to Italy, France and Germany, and in 1894 visited Constantinople. He collaborated with the private Moscow Russian Opera of S. Mamontov, and designed a great many theatre productions. Since 1895 he had become a participant of the  exhibitions of Moscow Artists Society. In 1900 for the ceramic fireplace "Volga and Mikula Selyanynovych" he was awarded the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. In the same year he became a member and an exhibitor of the World- of-Art Association (1900 - 1903, 1906). Participated in Vienna Secession (1901), exhibition of modernists "The Scarlet Rose" in Saratov (1904), a portrait exhibition in Tauride Palace (1905). One of the founders and regular exhibitors of the Society of Russian Artists (1903). In 1906 the masters works were exhibited in a separate room at the exhibition of Russian art in Paris, which had been arranged by S. Diaghilev. In 1905 he was elected Academician of the Academy of Arts. Since 1906 he had lived in St. Petersburg. A prominent representative of Russian Art Nouveau and Symbolism. In his work he acted as an innovator who had been solving complex plastic and coloristic tasks. The memorial exhibitions and retrospectives of the works of M. Vrubel were time and again held in the famous museums of Russia, Ukraine and Europe. In particular, in 1997 D_sseldorf and Munich hosted the exhibition "Mikhail Vrubel and Russian Symbolism". His works can be found in the biggest museum collections around the world.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 23

«Seaside», 1894
cardboard, oil; 1923,5 (oval)

Price: 70 000 100 000 $