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Gau Volodymyr Ivanovych (1816 - 1895)

A Russian painter, author of numerous watercolor portraits and miniatures. He was born in Revel (now Tallinn), Estonia, the son of the artist I. Gau. He learned arts from Karl von K_gelgen, the court master of Emperor Pavel I, in St. Petersburg and from O. Zauerweide at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1832 - 1836). He got recognition as a talented portraitist after painting two large portraits of the two grand duchesses (1832). In 1836 he was awarded a large silver medal, and in 1849 received the title of academician. Traveled about Italy and Germany. In 1840 was a court portraitist of Emperor Nicholas I, performed numerous royal court orders, and taught drawing to the members of the royal family. He created a series of portraits, including portraits of Nicholas I, Empress Olexandra Fedorivna and St. Petersburg nobility. He had been the leading master of watercolor portraits for three decades, and many artists tried to imitate his manner of painting. The artist has identified the development of watercolor portrait painting in Russia in the 1840s - 1860's until the genre had been overset by photography which became more affordable. The vast majority of his works is stored in the Museum of V. Tropinin in Moscow.

Painters works:

Auction 8 Lot 11

«Lady in scarlet», 1848
cardboard, watercolor, ceruse, graphite pencil; 2420

Price: 8 000 12000 $