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Glyukman Grygoriy Yukhymovych (1898 - 1973)

A Famous Russian painter and graphic artist. He was born and lived until 1917 in Vitebsk, Belarus. From 1917 to 1920 he studied at Moscow School of Painting Sculpture and Architecture. In 1920 emigrated to Berlin. In 1924 he worked in Florence and then he settled in Paris. Designed a collection of poems by A. Belyi (Berlin, 1922), illustrated and designed books for the Paris publishing house La Pleiade. Since 1925 he exhibited his works at the Autumn Salon, the Salon of the Independent and the Tuileries. In 1927 he participated in the exhibition "7 Illustrators" together with O. Benois, V. Shukhayev, and O. Alyekseyev, etc. Since 1930 he worked mainly in the field of painting. Painted portraits, nudes, scenes from urban life, and landscapes. He used the painting techniques of the old masters in his activity, and the art critics found the impact of Venetian colorists and French painters of XVII - XVIII century in his works. During 1924 1939 he held more than ten solo exhibitions in Paris, London and New York. Participated in the exhibitions of Russian art in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. In 1937 he was awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition in Paris. During the Second World War he moved to the south of France. In 1941 emigrated to the United States. He exhibited a lot in New York and Los Angeles. He received the prizes of the Chicago Art Institute. His works are presented at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the art museums of San Diego and Chicago.

Painters works:

Auction 12 Lot 51

«Preparing for performance»,IInd quarter 20thC
wood, oil; 59,545,5

Price: 60 000 70 000 $

Auction 7 Lot 73

«Old Friends», 1930s.
wood, oil; 29,533

Price: 15 000 25000 $