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Gorbatov Konstyantyn Ivanovych (1876 - 1945)

A famous Russian painter, graphic artist. Born in the town of Stavropol (now Tolyatti), Samara province. In the early 1890s in Samara he took lessons in painting from F. Burov and O. Yegorov. In 1895 he entered the Central School of Technical Drawing, and then continued his painting studies in the art studio of D. Clark in Riga. In 1903 moved to St. Petersburg and in 1904 he joined the architectural department of Petersburg Academy of Arts. From 1905 to 1911 he studied at the department of painting of the Academy of Arts under the tutelage of V. Dubovskyi and O. Kiselyov. In 1911 he got the title of an artist, the right for a pensioners trip abroad and a gold medal at the exhibition in Munich for his painting "Arrived". In 1912 he was in Rome, and later, at the invitation of M. Gorky, moved to Capri. After returning to Russia he painted mostly landscapes, the cityscapes of northern cities and small Volga towns. Member of the Artists Society n.a. A. Kuindzhi since 1917, exhibitor of the Association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions (1905), the Society of the Independent (1910) and the art exhibitions in Paris, Rome, and  Munich. The artists paintings were very popular among his contemporaries, and almost all of his works were immediately bought at the exhibitions. After the October Revolution he was forced to emigrate from Russia. Since 1922 he had lived and worked in Italy and since 1926 - in Berlin. At this, he traveled a lot around the European countries. In Germany the works of the master were also of great demand. Here, a number of solo exhibitions were held, but when the style of the "Third Reich" began to win in the art, the artist had experienced real poverty. He instructed to convey all his canvases to the archive to the Academy of Arts in Leningrad. The works are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the state Russian Museum, the art museum New Jerusalem in Moscow region, the art museums of Surgut, Yaroslavl and many others.

Painters works:

Auction 16 Lot 30

«Uglich», 1936
paper, watercolor,
; 1821,5

Price: 6 000 8 000 $