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Graf Muraviyov Volodymyr Leonidovych (1861 - 1940)

A Russian artist, landscape painter. Born in the family of the King-of-Arms. He studied at the Page Corps, but he left his studies there and entered as an auditor to Petersburg Academy of Arts (1881). Attended the landscape painting class of M. Klodt and took lessons from K. Kryzhytskyi. Since 1885 he participated in several exhibitions of Petersburg art associations. Author of numerous landscapes in which he poetically depicted the hunting process and drew public attention to the latter. In 1893 his solo exhibition was held. After the 1917 Revolution he lived in Rostov-on- the-Don. Participated in the local exhibitions (1928, 1938). Worked as a stage designer at the Drama Theater (1922). His works are presented in the museums and private collections in Russia.

Painters works:

Auction 8 Lot 18

«A mountainous plateau», 1870
canvas, oil; 4060

Price: 60 000 100 000 $

Auction 8 Lot 17

«Woodcocks», beginning 20thC
cardboard, oil; 3351

Price: 20 000 25000 $