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Grekov Mytrofan Borysovych (until 1911 - Martynenko Mytrofan Pavlovych) (1882 - 1934)

A Russian painter, master of battle and genre painting. Born on a farmstead of Sharnayivka, the former Army Don region. He studied at Odessa Art School (1898 - 1903) and St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1903 - 1911) under the guidance of F. Roubaud and I. Repin. In 1911 he got the title of an artist. Member of the Association of Russian Watercolorists (1916 - 1917), the Artistis Associatin of Reolutionary Russia-the Artists Association of Revolution (1925 - 1931). The founder of the Soviet battle painting, and the initiator of creating the panoramas and dioramas in Russia after 1917. Author of the syclus of paintings devoted to the Russian Civil War (1919 - 1922). Since 1931 he had lived in Moscow. The name of the artist was conferred on the Studio of Military Artists in Moscow, which was founded in 1935.

Painters works:

Auction 8 Lot 39

The next day in the village of Platov», 1934
canvas on cardboard, oil; 50,561,5

Price: 45 000 70000 $