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Grinson Borys (Grinsson Boris, 1907 - 1999)

French and Russian artist, a well-known poster designer. Born in Pskov. He lived in Estonia and studied at School of Fine Arts in Tartu. In 1929 moved to Berlin, where he was engaged in advertising design at School of Applied Arts. After the Nazis had come to power, he was forced to leave Germany. Since 1933 he had lived in Paris, painted and worked as a master of poster, creating more than two thousand posters, display panels for the movies, theater and musical performances, and circus show. In 1973 he resigned. Settled in the countryside near the Castle of Fontainebleau and dedicated himself solely to painting.

Painters works:

Auction 10 Lot 63

«Still Life with shells», 1946
cardboard, oil; 2735

Price: 5 000 10000 $