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Erte (Tyrtov) Roman Petrovych (1892 - 1990)

A Russian painter, graphic artist, sculptor, stage designer, fashion designer, one of the leading representatives of the "Art Deco" style. Born in St. Petersburg, a descendant of the old noble family that came from Tatar Khan Tyrta. He became well-known all over the world under the pseudonym Erte, that he took in order "not to disgrace the family." Since his childhood, he admired painting and drawing, but did not receive systematic art education. For three years he studied portrait painting under the guidance of I. Repin. In 1912 he went to Paris, where he attended the academy of R. Julien. In 1913 he started working at the famous fashion house of Paul Poiret. In 1920s he gained extraordinary popularity. He created sketches of costumes for A. Pavlova, M. Hari, L. Gish. In 1925 as a costume designer he was invited to Hollywood, to the film studio "Metro Golden Mayer." He completed over a hundred covers for such magazines as Harper `s Bazaar, Vogue and other magazines of the U.S., England and France. He collaborated with the Chicago Opera, Grand Opera in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York and London Opera House, but mostly as a scenography designer he got his fame through collaboration with variety of theaters - music-hall "Folies Berg_re" and cabaret "Lido" in Paris, and also with music-halls on Broadway. He styled clothes and developed prints of clothing fabrics, worked in gouache and watercolor techniques, admired sculpture; he is the author of numerous lithographs and silk screening. Erte was called "an artist of the twentieth century that most influenced fashion," "the best fashion illustrator and theatrical designer of the century" and his works were admired by George Balanchine and Andy Warhol. His works are kept in Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many private collections. After one of the exhibitions about 170 of his works were purchased by the Metropolitan Museum.

Painters works:

Auction 17 Lot 157

«The letter B» from the series Alphabet,
1970 – 1980s
paper, serigraphy; 39,530,5

Price: 2 000 3 000 $

Auction 17 Lot 158

Pared works
paper, lithography; 54,540,5;
paper, lithography; 5742,5

Price: 5 000 7 000 $

Auction 16 Lot 166

«Fantasy», 1982
paper, color silkscreen; 8461

Price: 2 500 4 000 $

Auction 22 Lot 104

«Firebird», 1980-s
silk, lithography; 8278,5

Price: 2000 3000 $

Auction 22 Lot 105

«In theatrical bed», 1980-s
silk, lithography; 8078

Price: 2000 3000 $

Auction 23 Lot 60

«Beauty-Beast», the 1980s.
silk, lithography, 82,5 x 77

Price: 20 000 24 000 uah

Auction 24 Lot 63

«Cylinders», 1970 - 1980-ies
silk, lithograph, 90x90

Price: 18 000 - 23 000 uah