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Yegorov Andriy Opanasovych (1878 - 1954)

A Russian painter, watercolorist. Born in the village of Arukyule, Estonia. In the years of 1896 - 1901 he studied at the Art School of the Society for the Promotion of Artists under the guidance of Y. Tsioglinskiy. In 1902 he became an auditor of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where his teachers were V.Savynskyy, G. Zaleman, I. Tvorozhnykov, since 1904 - D. Kardovskyy. In 1909 he got the title of the artist for the painting called "In the village," which was later published in the "Niva" magazine (1910). He spent a lot of time travelling across Russia; also he visited Estonia, Sweden and Finland. He took part in the current academic exhibitions (1903, 1907), Spring exhibition in the halls of the Academy of Arts (1908 - 1917), in the shows of St. Petersburg Artists Union (1910 - 1912, 1914), Painting Union (1911 - 1916), the Society of Russian watercolorist (1915 - 1916), exhibition of Russian artists in London (1913), after the revolution - in the exhibitions of Artists Community (1917), 1st and 2nd shows of the Society named after A. Kuindzhi (1917, 1918, a member of this society since 1911), the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1918), and the state art exhibition (1919). Since 1921 he lived and worked in Estonia. In the postwar years he began painting pictures of the political and historical themes. In 1948 in Tallinn there was held a personal exhibition of the artist dedicated to his 70th birthday. Honored Art Worker of Estonian Social Republic since 1948. Author of landscapes, genre scenes of peasant life and portraits. His works are stored in the collections of Tallinn Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum and Chelyabinsk Art Gallery.

Painters works:

Auction 8 Lot 45

«In the sleigh», Ist quarter 20thC
paper, gouache; 23,532

Price: 2 700 4000 $

Auction 6 Lot 41

«A winter Landscape», 1936
canvas, oil; 53,571

Price: 10 000 - 20000 $

Auction 5 Lot 50

«March», 1920s.
paper, gouache; 2533,5

Price: 4 000 8000 $