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Zhdaha (Zhdaha-Smagliy) Amvrosiy Andriyovych (1855 - 1927)

A Ukrainian graphic artist. Born in Ochakiv, Mykolaiv region. Since 1881 he attended Odessa Drawing School. He designed and illustrated books, mostly based on the history of Ukraine: Chorna Rada ("Black Council") by P. Kulish (1901), Opovidannya pro A.Golovatogo ("The story of A. Golovatyy") by M. Komar (1901), "Tchaikovsky" by E. Grebinka, "Kobzar" by T. Shevchenko. In the years of 1911 - 1914 he created a large series of paintings devoted to the themes of Ukrainian folk songs for postcards with texts and notes.

Painters works:

Auction 1 Lot 1

Cover design for «Ukrainian gramatka», 1910s
paper, watercolor, ink; 23,416

Price: 2 000 2 500 $