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Zarubin Viktor Ivanovych (1866 - 1928)

A Russian painter and graphic artist. Born in Kharkiv. In the early 1890s he studied at the famous Kharkiv Studio of E. Shreyder, in the years of 1893 - 1896 at the Academy of R. Julien in Paris under the guidance of J. Lef_vre and T. Robert-Fleury, exhibited his works at the salons. Since 1896 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of A. Kuindzhi, in 1898 he received the title of the artist. Member of the Society of Russian watercolorists, the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (since 1916), the society of A. Kuindzhi. Academician of the Academy of Arts since 1909. He was a teacher at the drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Artists in St. Petersburg (1905 - 1906). Exhibitor of many art exhibitions, including the ones of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, the Society of Russian watercolorists, the spring exhibitions in the Academy of Arts, etc. He lived and worked mainly in St. Petersburg. He painted landscapes with the inclusion of genre scenes, also worked in children's book graphics. His works are kept in the Art Museums of Sochi, Irkutsk, Kherson and others.

Painters works:

Auction 18 Lot 28

On the bridge»,
late XIX – beginning 20thC
canvas on board, oil; 914

Price: 4 000 6 000 $

Auction 15 Lot 34

«On the bank of the river»,
Ist quarter 20thC
wood, oil; 2433

Price: 12 000 15 000 $

Auction 15 Lot 44

«Breton fishermen», 1926
canvas, oil; 80,5100,5

Price: 45 000 55 000 $

Auction 6 Lot 43

«Normandy. At the seaside», 1917
wood,oil; 72117,5

Price: 80 000 - 120000 $

Auction 23 Lot 21

«Epic hero», 1920s
cardboard, oil; 32 x 42,5

Price: 144 000 200000 uah