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Yvon Adolphe (1817 - 1893)

One of the greatest battle painters of France. He studied under the guidance of Paul Delaroche in Paris. At first he painted mainly portraits, historical pictures and allegories. Having gone to Russia in 1843, he sent pencil drawings which truly depicted Russian everyday life from there to Paris. The French public was very interested in its reproduction. He gained widespread popularity due to the implementation of several great compositions of historical topic. In 1850 he painted "Kulikov struggle" (located in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow) as an order from the Emperor Nicholas I. During the Crimean War he was sent to the places of military operations to immortalize its main episodes on the canvas. After the war (1857 - 1859) he performed three colossal works, depicting the heroic moments of the struggle for Malakhov barrow (located in the historical gallery of Versailles). Later he returned to painting portraits and allegories. In 1859 the artist's name was included into the list of honorary free commoners of Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Painters works:

Auction 2 Lot 12

«Russian peasants are praying near a roadside icon case»,1870
toned paper, author's technique; 62,645,3

Price: 15 000 18 000 $