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Izmaylovych Vladyslav Matviyovych (1872 - 1959)

A famous Russian painter, watercolorist and graphic artist. He studied at the Central School of Technical Drawing (1889 - 1899) under the guidance of M. Koshelev and G. Manizer, where he was one of the most successful students. In 1895 he received the title of the graphic artist with the right to travel abroad. During 1896 - 1898 he studied in Rome in the Academy of Arts under the guidance of F. Pradillo, as well as in Paris and Berlin. Since 1893 he participated in the exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolorists, St. Petersburg Union of artists. He painted portraits and portrait-genre compositions. He gained great popularity due to painting and interior restoration of museums and private homes, in particular - Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo and the Engineers' Castle in St. Petersburg. The portrait of his young wife Mary, a thirty-year-old, but already well-known artist, created after his return from Italy and marriage. He never repeated this plot again, no copies were made of it. The works of the artist were reproduced in high circulation on postcards, which were extremely popular and today are a real rarity among collectors. Author of one of the first artistic portraits of V. Lenin and A. Lunacharsky, which were painted from nature. He worked as a teacher at the schools of St. Petersburg and Leningrad. His works are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, in the Art Museum of Ulyanovsk, in the Museum of History and Atheism in St. Petersburg.

Painters works:

Auction 13 Lot 19

«Portrait in the antique style», 1905
cardboard, watercolor; 64,549,5

Price: 7 000 9 000 $

Auction 6 Lot 36

«Portrait of the Artist's wife»,1902
paper on cardboard, watercolor, pastel; 10166

Price: 45 000 - 65000 $