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Ioffe Mark Semenovych (Mordukh Ber Solomonovych, 1864 - 1941)

A Russian artist. Born in Daugavpils, Latvia. He graduated from Warsaw School of Art. He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1882 - 1891). During the years of studying he received one gold medal and three silver ones, at the end - the title of the 1st degree artist. He participated in the exhibitions of the Academy of Arts (1897, 1898), the Society of southern Russian artists (1893), Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1897), St. Petersburg union of painting (1899 - 1913), non-party union of painting (1914, 1915). He lived and worked in St. Petersburg. He painted genre pictures in the academic manner. He was the owner of the photo studio, where Marc Chagall worked as a retoucher during 1906 - 1907. In 1918 under the supervision of M. Kasatkin he participated in designing the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the October Revolution. From 1918 till 1920 he taught at the Public free art workshop in Petrograd. In 1924 he emigrated to the United States. He lived in New York. He painted portraits and paintings devoted to the Jewish life. His works are stored in the State Museum of Religion History in St. Petersburg, in the National Art Gallery of Armenia and in other Art Museums.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 13

«Front of a mirror», Ist third 20thC
canvas, oil; 5138

Price: 22 000 30 000 $