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Isupov Olexiy Volodymyrovych (1889 - 1957)

A Russian painter and graphic artist. Born in Vyatka. He studied at Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1908 - 1913) under the guidance of A. Arkhipov, A. Vasnetsov, K. Korovin, V. Serov. He lived in Moscow, since 1915 he was in the Army in Turkestan. Since 1908 he participated in the exhibitions of Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, the Union of Russian Artists, the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (a member of the Association since 1916). He taught at the boundary Turkestan People's Art School in Tashkent, among his students were M. Karakhan, M. Kupriyanov, S. Chuikov. In 1926 he moved to Italy. During the World War II he was an active participant of the resistance movement in Rome. Author of numerous landscapes, portraits and still lives. His works were exhibited at the exhibitions in Moscow, Kirov, Tashkent, Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Trieste, Turin and New York. By the will of the artist, some works from the workshop in Rome were donated to the State Tretyakov Gallery. Other pictures are kept in Kirov oblast Art Museum, Tula Art Museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 48

«Golden Autumn», middle 20thC
canvas, oil; 6580

Price: 25 000 30 000 $

Auction 7 Lot 61

«Still Life with fish», 1946
wood, oil; 4672;
lower right corner 1946. Alessio Issupoff.

Price: 60 000 - 90000 $

Auction 6 Lot 48

«Portrait of a woman», 1920s.
canvas, oil; 10075

Price: 90 000 - 140000 $

Auction 6 Lot 58

«In a stable », IInd quarter 20thC
wood, oil; 25,5x33

Price: 20 000 - 30000 $

Auction 5 Lot 49

«Near the stables», IInd quarter 20thC
wood, oil; 4050

Price: 45 000 65000 $

Auction 4 Lot 45

«Still Life»,
nd quarter 20thC
canvas, oil; 59,568

Price: 50 000 70 000 $

Auction 26 Lot 58

"In Stable", II quarter of XX cent.
Oil on wood; 25,533

Price: 130 000 - 150 000 uah