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Kalmykov Olexander Odisseyovych (1869 - 1929)

A Russian artist. Born in Kerch. Brother of the famous artist G. Kalmykov. He received the art education in the studio of Ivan Aivazovskyy at the beginning of 1890s. He drew sketches of the stage scenery for the performances. In 1908 he wrote a play and put in on the stage of the "Eden"  theatre in St. Petersburg. From 1924 till 1929 he was the artist of the Leningrad Institute of ferrous metals. Mostly  he painted seascapes. His works are kept in private and museum collections in Russia and Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 11 Lot 16

«The beginning of a storm», 1909
canvas, oil;8562,5

Price: 15 000 20000 $