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Karev Vasyl Vasylyovych (1886 - 1970)

A Russian artist, landscape painter. Born in Barnaul. During 1905 - 1908 he studied at Kazan Art School, from 1909 till 1915 - at Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under the guidance of N. Kasatkin, F. Malyavin, S. Malyutin. In 1915 in Tomsk at the exhibition of the Society of Siberian artists (in the organization of which he actively took part) he exhibited more than 30 sketches. After graduation he returned to Barnaul. He dedicated many efforts to organize the first art museum and art school, which he headed for some time. In the years of 1918 - 1922 he was a member of Altai art society. In 1922 he moved to Moscow, where he was one of the founders and the secretary of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia. He painted a number of pictures devoted to partisan movement in Altai, including a picture under the title of "Kolchakovschyna", which was exhibited at many European exhibitions, and later was acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery. During 1924 - 1925 he headed the department of museums in Narcomos. In his creativity he constantly turned to landscape painting based on Altai scenery. A number of his works are stored in the State Art Museum of Altai.