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Kerzhner Olexander Haskelyovych (1912 - 1981)

A Ukrainian painter. Born in Tulchin, Vinnitsa region. He studied at Kyiv Institute of Art (1932 - 1941 and 1945 - 1946) under the guidance of P. Volokydin, S. Grygoriev and O. Shovkunenko. He participated in republican and all-union exhibitions since 1947. He lived and worked in Kyiv. The memorial exhibition of the artist was held in Kyiv in 1985. He became famous as a master of still life; also he painted theme paintings, landscapes and portraits.

Painters works:

Auction 14 Lot 78

«Still Life with samovar», 1979
canvas, oil; 119119

Price: 12 000 15 000 $