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Klymenko Pylyp Pylypovych (1862 - after 1917)

A Ukrainian artist. Born in southern Russia. He received the art education at Odessa Drawing School under the guidance of K. Kostandi. He participated in the exhibitions of the Society of southern Russian artists (1891, 1902) and taught at Odessa Drawing School. Almost all of his works are devoted to the views of the Black Sea. These are seascapes and images of ships. He worked mainly in watercolor technique. Many of his works were reproduced on postcards in St. Petersburg and Stockholm, published by P. Heckscher and Grenberg joint-stock company. The fate of his creative heritage is unknown, probably a lot of work were lost during the revolution. The artist's works are very rare in the antique market and represent a great value for museums and private collections.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 15

«The Crimean landscape with pines», 1915
paper, watercolor; 33,550

Price: 8 000 12 000 $

Auction 7 Lot 18

«The Walk», 1914
paper cardboard, watercolor; 67103

Price: 24 000 34000 $