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Klodt Mykhailo Konstyantynovych (1833 - 1902)

A Russian painter, one of the founders of the realistic tradition of landscape painting. Born in St. Petersburg in the family of hereditary artists. He got elementary art education under the guidance of I. Hrutskyy. During 1851 - 1858 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of M. Vorobjov and S. Vorobjov. During the period of studying he received all existing academic awards and at the end - a big gold medal and the title of the 1st degree class artist. Pensioner of the Academy of Arts in France, Germany and Switzerland (1858 - 1861). In 1862 he was awarded the title of academician, in 1864 the title of professor. In 1870 he became one of the founders of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. In the years of 1871 - 1872 together with A. Bogolyubov he contributed to the establishment and opening of the landscape class in the Academy of Arts, which he headed up to 1886. His works were exhibited at the World Exhibitions in Paris (1867, 1868), London (1872), Vienna (1873), Philadelphia (1876). He traveled a lot across Russia, painted the views of Volga, Orel, Tambov, Livonian provinces. His works are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the National Art Museum of Belarus, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 14

«On plowland», 1871
canvas, oil; 3868,5

Price: 150 000 180 000 $