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Kozachynskyy Feodosiy Safonovych (1864 - 1922)

A Ukrainian painter and teacher. Born in the village of Glodosy (near Novoukrayinka in the Kyiv region) in the family of priest. He studied painting at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of I. Repin (1882 - 1887). He worked as an illustrator with outstanding publications, drew pictures for such magazines as "Niva" (The field), "Sever" (The North), "Zhyvopysnoe Obozrenie (Picturesque Review"), etc. Many of his pictures were devoted to literary works. He illustrated the poem "Tambovskaya kaznacheysha" by M. Lermontov and the story "The Death of Ivan Ylych" by L. Tolstoy. In 1900 he had to leave St. Petersburg and settle in Elisavetgrad (now Kirovograd), where he ran drawing classes in Zemsky real school (1906 - 1921). He trained a galaxy of talented artists such as A. Osmyorkin, A. Nuremberg, S. Rybak and many others. In 1913 at the first Elisavetgrad art exhibition he presented over 20 of his works. He founded the first Art Gallery in the city in the craft-literate school (now the House of Science and Technology). In 1921 he became the head of the Department of Arts of Elisavetgrad Natural History Museum. His works are kept in the private collections in Ukraine and Russia.

Painters works:

Auction 12 Lot 9

canvas, oil; 7040

Price: 15 000 20 000 $

Auction 12 Lot 10

«Near the well»,1900s
wood, oil; 1015

Price: 9 000 15 000 $