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Kondopulo Fedir Anastasiyovych (1846 - 1925)

A Ukrainian and Russian artist. Born in Feodosia. He studied at the studio of I. Aivazovskyy. In 1865 he received appreciation from St. Petersburg Academy of Arts for the success in depicting landscapes of the Crimea. During 1874 - 1886 (with breaks) he studied at the Academy of Arts, which he graduated with the right to teach in secondary schools. He taught drawing in Yevpatoriya District College (1868 - 1873), in the classical school in Vyatka (1887 - 1988) and in the first boys' school in Saratov (1890 - 1900s). In 1880 he participated in the exhibitions of the Academy of Arts, Saratov Society of Fine Arts lovers, in the studio where he taught painting (1896 - 1897). He painted portraits, performed the orders from the church, and gained fame as a master of landscape painting.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 25

«Landscape with birches», 1901
canvas, oil; 31,523

Price: 8 000 10 000 $