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Kramarenko Lev Yuriyovych (1888 - 1942)

A famous Ukrainian and Russian painter, monumental and graphic artist. Born in Uman. He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of D. Kardovskyy (1906 - 1908), in the free Academy of Arts of P. Ranson under the guidance of S. Guerin, P. Bonnard, M. Denis and P. Seryuzye. One of the central figures in the artistic life of Ukraine during 1920 - 1930. Principal of Glynska ceramic school in Poltava, Head of the Ceramic College in Mezhygirya (near Kyiv), rector of Kyiv Institute of Art (1923 - 1930), head of monumental painting studio in Kyiv Institute of Art and Kharkiv Institute of Art (1931 - 1932).  In 1927 together with A. Petrytskyy, V. Palmovyy, A. Bogomazov he created a union of modern artists of Ukraine. Since 1932 he lived in Moscow. Professor of painting at the Institute of Higher Education of Artists (1935 - 1941). Author of frescoes and paintings in Kyiv, Moscow, Mariupol. In painting he developed artistic principles, similar to P. Konchalovskyy, O. Osmyorkin, I. Mashkov. He painted landscapes, portraits, still lives. His works are stored in the Art Museums of Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 14 Lot 56

«Nasty sea», 1938
canvas, oil; 47,561

Price: 30 000 40 000 $