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Krushevskyy Georgiy Stepanovych (1863 - 1938)

A Ukrainian painter. During 1891 - 1895 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1899 for the painting "Trevoga" (Uneasiness) which is now stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, he received the title of the artist. He painted portraits, genre paintings and icons. He lived and worked in Kyiv. In the early 1900s he organized and became the head of the workshop for painting churches. Among his students and colleagues there was a famous painter I. Hvorostetskyy. The artel decorated temples in Kyiv, Vinnitsa and Volyn region. In 1903 he painted the old church of Mykola Prytyska in Kyiv, taking for the example the paintings of the Volodymyr Cathedral. In Soviet times he continued to participate actively in the artistic life of Kyiv. He struggled against the destruction of sacred places and ancient temples, for which he was arrested by the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. In 1996 in Kyiv, near the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, there was mounted the monument to the artists - victims of repression, the names of perpetuated artists included G. Krushevskyy. Many icons written by him were destroyed during the destruction of the temples, so the preserved icons of "The Lady on the throne" and "Jesus Christ" have exceptional artistic, historical and cultural value.