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Kulikov Ivan Semenovych (1875 - 1945)

A Russian painter and graphic artist. Born in Murom, Volodymyr Province. In 1891 he studied under the guidance of O. Morozov in Murom, from 1893 till 1896 - at the Drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Artists under the guidance of E. Lipgart, from 1896 till 1902 at the High Art School of painting, sculpture and architecture in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the guidance of V. Makovskyy and I. Repin. Together with the last one he painted the portrait of Grand Duke Mykhail Mykolayovych. From 1900 till 1903 he worked at the illustrations for the collection of short stories by M. Gorkyy (together with D. Bogoslovskyy and M. Petrov). In 1902 he was awarded the title of the artist and the right of the pension trip abroad. During 1902 - 1904 he worked in Germany, France and Italy. After his return he lived in Murom, leaving for St. Petersburg and Moscow only for exhibitions. In 1911 he made a trip to Italy. Since 1898 he exhibited his works at the exhibitions in the halls of the Academy of Arts (1898 - 1913), Moscow Society of Art Lovers (1900, 1908 - 1910), the Society of Russian watercolorists (1907 - 1908, 1912 - 1914), the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1908), the Society for the Promotion of Artists (1912), as well as in the international exhibitions in Liege (1905, a large silver medal), Munich (1909, 1913), Rome (1911, The World Exhibition), Venice (1912, 1914). He worked as a portrait and landscape painter, painted pictures of genre and historical themes. In 1915 he was awarded the title of the academician. During the Soviet regime he was engaged in public activity and teaching. He initiated the organization of Murom museum of local land, where he served as a director of the museum for a long time. In 1942 in Murom there was held a solo exhibition, in 1947 there was opened the Museum of I. Kulikov. The retrospective exhibitions were held in 1959 in Moscow and Gorky. His works are presented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, Murom Historical and Art Museum, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 15 Lot 35

«Italian», 1900-s
canvas, oil; 3932,5

Price: 15 000 20 000 $

Auction 15 Lot 36

«», 1910-s
canvas cardboard, oil; 2337

Price: 7 000 12 000 $