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Kuchumov Vasil Mykytovych (1888 - 1959)

A Russian painter, master of historical painting, landscape painter, theatrical artist. Born in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Higher Art School at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1910 - 1916) under the guidance of V. Makovskyy. In 1911 he won the second prize of the Academy of Arts. He participated in the annual exhibitions of the Independent Union (1911 - 1914), of the group "Treugolnyk" (The Triangle) (1908), the Society named after A. Kuindzhi (1926 - 1929), was the exhibitor of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. He felt the influence of the masters of "The World of Art", followed their historical concepts, often conveying the mood of Pushkin's day in his works. During 1921 - 1938 he painted the interiors and the views of the suburban palaces of St. Petersburg in different techniques. His works are stored in the State Russian Museum, the Museums "Oranienbaum", Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, and in the other museums of Russia and Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 9 Lot 22

«Walk», 1920
cardboard, oil; 14,520,5

Price: 5 000 8000 $