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Marderosov (Mordyrosov) Leonid Ivanovych (Hazarovych) (1880 - 1936)

A Russian painter. Born in St. Petersburg. He received his elementary art education in Odessa (1894 - 1899). He graduated from the Academy of Arts (1901 - 1909) and received the title of the artist (1909). Since 1912 he took part in the exhibitions of the union of artists and of the union named after A. Kuindzhi. Member of the Union named after A. Kuindzhi. His paintings were repeatedly reproduced on the pages of pre-revolutionary magazines "The Capital and The Homestead", "The Sun of Russia", etc. He preferred park motifs with the elements of genre. Mainly, he painted ladies that were walking in puffed old-fashioned dresses. His works are presented in the collection of Taganrog Art Museum.