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Meller Vadym Georgiyovych (1884 - 1962)

A famous Ukrainian avant-garde artist, painter, stage designer, illustrator and architect. Born in St. Petersburg. He studied at the Faculty of Kyiv University (1903 - 1908), in Kyiv Institute of Art (1903 - 1905) and also took private lessons from F. Roubo. From 1908 till 1912 he studied in Munich Academy of Arts and in the painting studio of G. Knyr, where he met M. Klee, who introduced the artist to the group "The Blue Rider". From 1912 till 1914 he lived in Paris where he attended the studio of A. Bourdelle. He became a member of the Salon of Independent Artists, together with Kazimir Malevich and Alexandra Exter he exhibited his works at the Spring and Autumn Salons. After returning to Kyiv, he worked in the ballet studio of B. Nizhynska (1918 - 1921). In 1922 he was invited by L. Kurbas as an art director for the theater "Berezil." In 1925 together with A. Exter and N. Altman he participated in the International Exhibition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris (Art Deco), where he was marked by the highest award. The same year, his works were exhibited at the International Exhibition of Theatrical Art in New York. He taught at the Kyiv Academy of Arts together with V. Tatlin and A. Bogomazov. He was a member of the Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine founded by D. Burlyuk. After the war, he was at the head of the Institute of painting and sculpture of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, but in 1949 he was fired after accusation of cosmopolitanism. From 1953 till 1959 he was the art director of I. Franko Theater. He died in Kyiv, buried at the Baykove cemetery.

Painters works:

Auction 6 Lot 56

Sketch makeup M. Krushelnytskogo for the play «King Lear» by William Shakespeare, 1950s.
paper, pencil; 2920,5

Price: 9 000 - 12000 $