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Moroz Mykhaylo (1904 - 1993)

An artist of the Ukrainian emigration. Born in the village of Plikhiv, Ternopil region. From 1923 till 1928 he studied at the Art School of A. Nowakiwskyy. At the end of his studying as the best student he received a scholarship and went to deepen his skills to the art studios of Paris, where he studied at the Julien Academy, later - at the National School of Arts. He was acquainted with H. Matisse and A. Bourdelle. After returning to Lviv he became the assistant of A. Nowakiwskyy, he also exhibited his works at numerous professional exhibitions (1930 - 1935). In 1932 together with his school friends he organized a group called "Rub". After the death of O. Nowakiwskyy he worked under the tutelage of Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky, created a series of portraits of famous church and secular leaders and a series of landscapes. In 1944 he emigrated to Slovakia, later - to Germany, and in 1949 - to New York. In America, he organized five personal exhibitions. In 1952 during Stalin's "cleaning" of the funds of Lviv National Museum 14 paintings of the artist were destroyed. The creative legacy - over 500 pictures are stored in the family of the artist. In 1990 in New York Ukrainian Museum there was held a large retrospective exhibition celebrating the 85th anniversary of the artist.

Painters works:

Auction 5 Lot 94

«Autumn Symphony», 1968
canvas, oil; 5671

Price: 14 000 17000 $