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Murashko Olexander Olexandrovych (1875 - 1919)

An outstanding Ukrainian painter, educator and social activist. Born in Kyiv. He obtained the first drawing skills in Chernigov in the icon painting workshop of his stepfather - O. Murashko, brother of the founder and permanent leader of Kyiv Drawing School M. Murashko. In late 1880s the family moved to Kyiv. Watching the painting of the Volodynyr Cathedral, he got acquainted with such masters as V. Vasnetsov and M. Nesterov, due to whom and to A. Prakhov and M. Murashko, he could go to study in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1894 he entered the Higher Art School at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, in 1896 he became a student in the workshop of I. Repin. In the years of 1901 - 1903 he was a pensioner of the Academy of Arts in Germany and Italy. In 1904 he returned to St. Petersburg. In 1906 he created a picture called "Merry-go-round", which brought the world recognition to the master: was presented at the Xth International Exhibition in Munich and received the gold medal there. In 1909 with the great success there were held his solo exhibitions (25 works) in Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf. From 1911 till 1912 he participated in the exhibitions of Munich Secession. His works enjoyed the same success in Europe, they were celebrated by art critic, they were reproduced in magazines. The painting "Merry-go-round" was bought directly at the exhibition for the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (then the Royal Gallery). He worked mainly in the fields of genre painting and portrait. However, the artist, as an active person, was occupied not only in creative work. Being an excellent organizer, he wanted to transform Kyiv into the great artistic center like Munich and open the Academy of Arts there. In 1909 he began teaching at Kyiv Art School, which he left in 1912 because of management conservatism. In 1913 he opened his own studio in the attic of 12-storey Ginsburg building on Institutska Street. He conducted active public activity, worked at the Art Council of the People's Commissariat of Education. In 1916 he acted as an organizer of Kyiv Artists Union. In 1917, together with G. Narbut, F. Krychevsky, A. Manevych, and M. Boychuk, he became the professor of the newly formed Ukrainian Academy of Arts, leading the studio of painting. He tragically died in the prime of his talent. The significant part of his creative achievements is stored in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, in addition, his works are stored in the collections of the Art Museums of Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Odessa, Lviv National Museum, in Bashkirskyy state art museum and in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Painters works:

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«A. Krueger-Prahova with her first-born Vladimir», 1900s.
canvas, oil; 10082

Price: 600 000 900000 $