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Muller, Carl Friedrich Moritz (1807 - 1865)

A German painter, master of genre scenes. Born in Dresden, Germany. He was educated in Dresden and Munich Academies of Arts (1821 - 1829). Member of Munich Art Association (1830). A well-known representative of Biedermeier the style in art, aimed at poeticizing of life. HE painted genre pictures, processed animalistic topics. His works are kept in New picture gallery in Munich, in the Art Museums in Leipzig, Dresden and Mainz.

Painters works:

Auction 12 Lot 150

«A Christmas Tale», middle 19thC
canvas, oil; 100,570

Price: 30 000 40 000 $

Auction 9 Lot 132

«Little mistress», 1850s
canvas, oil; 68,555

Price: 8 000 12000 $