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Onatskyy Nykanor Kharytonovych (1875 - 1937)

A Ukrainian painter, historian, poet. Born in the farmstead of Homenkovo, Poltava region. He studied at Strohanov Central School of Arts and Crafts, Odessa Art School (1900 - 1905). He entred the High Art School at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, where I. Repin taught at that time, but he could not finish the school due to the lack of money. He taught painting, drawing, art history in the schools of Kharkiv, Sumy, Lebedyn. The poetry of the master was published in anthologies and collections. He headed the commission of the first monument of T. Shevchenko designed by I. Kavaleridze restoration in Sumy. In 1914 he organized the first art exhibition in Sumy. In 1919 he was the initiator of the foundation of the first Museum of Arts and History, which he headed for 13 years. He collected a great number of rare works of Ukrainian, Russian and European art for the museum. He was fond of research of Ukrainian art and culture, for which he was accused of Ukrainian nationalism and executed as a former revolutionary socialist and a member of counterrevolutionary organization. His works are stored in the Art Museums of Sumy, Luhansk, in the museum collections in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava. In 1994 Sumy Art Museum was named after N. Onatskyy.

Painters works:

Auction 12 Lot 37

canvas, oil; 4063

Price: 9 000 15 000 $

Auction 4 Lot 47

canvas, oil; 5476,4

Price: 10 000 15 000 $