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Ostrovskyy Samuil (Ostrowsky Samuel (Sam), 1886 - 1950)

A representative of the Ukrainian abroad, painter. Born in the town of Malin, now Zhytomyr region. He studied at Kyiv Drawing School under the guidance of M. Murashko, but the recommendations for entry were given to the young artist by V. Orlovskyy. In 1903 he emigrated to the USA, settled in Chicago, where he continued studying at the Art Institute. He spent three years in Paris (since 1913), studied at the Julien Academy under the guidance of H. Wolcott and J.-P. Lawrence, joined the artistic group of the Jewish together with H. Sutin, M. Chagall, M. Mane-Katz, K. Malevich and others. He painted cityscapes and portraits. His works were exhibited at such Salons a: Autumn, Tuileries and the Independent. Returning to Chicago, he participated in the exhibitions of Chicago Institute of Arts (for 1917 - 1942), the Society of independent artists (1920) and of the Museum of Modern Art. He collaborated with Chicago magazine Esquire. During his life he repeatedly returned to Paris, where in 1932 at the gallery M. Le Breton there was held a solo exhibition of the artist. In 1936 he was among 120 leading Chicago artists (together with M. Weber, W. Gropper, H. Clemente, etc), who gave 200 works to create the Art Museum in Birobidzhan (the USSR). This collection, which was exhibited in New York and Boston, and later in Leningrad and Moscow, disappeared without any trace. In 1941 he won the Prize of the Art Institute of Chicago. Author of still lives, landscapes and nudes. His works are kept in the Art Museums of Chicago University, Grenoble (France), the Art Institute of Chicago and in many private collections.

Painters works:

Auction 14 Lot 54

«Schooner moored», 1930-s
canvas, oil; 6689

Price: 4 000 6 000 $