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Pastukhov Borys Ivanovych (1894 - 1974)

A representative of the Ukrainian abroad. Born in Kyiv. He studied under the guidance of O. Murashko. He participated in Kyiv exhibitions of the group Kiltse ("The Ring") (1914), of Kyiv union of artists (since 1916 he was a member of this union), of the Union of workers of Ukrainian plastic art (1918). In 1920 he settled in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb under the guidance of Prof. M. Vank. He painted still lives, landscapes and multi-figured compositions. He quickly became one of the most famous portrait painters of his time. He performed the portraits of King Olexander and the members of the royal family. He participated in the Exhibition of the Association of Russian artists in the Kingdom of SCS (1928) and in the Great Exhibition of Russian Art in Belgrade (1930). He exhibited his works in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Rome (1927). Most of the works were acquired by the museums of Zagreb and Belgrade. At the end of the 1920s he came to Paris, where he held several solo exhibitions at the Salon of the Union of French artists (1928), at the galleries G. Petit (1932), Charpentier (1937), Bosc (1948, 1950), Durand-Ruel (1951, 1952, 1955), he regularly exhibited his works at the salons: Autumn and Tuileries. In 1937 he settled in Paris, created many wonderful portraits of famous personalities living at that time: the actors, writers, members of the royal families of Europe. Among his customers there were K. Gable, M. Dietrich, the family of E. M. Remarque, C. Chanel and others. Most of his works are performed in the years of 1930s - 1940s are descendants and inheritors of the well-known business-empire of Lankaster. In 1960s he moved to London. He participated in the group exhibitions in London and New York. His works are kept in the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, in the Art Museums of Belgrade, New York, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 19 Lot 46


middle 20thC
canvas, oil; 6554

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $

Auction 6 Lot 85

«Bouquet», 1948
canvas, oil; 92,573

Price: 50 000 - 70000 $

Auction 4 Lot 67

«Girl in a meadow»,
canvas, oil; 6171,5

Price: 15 000 25 000 $

Auction 25 Lot 48

«On the Market Place», 1930
Oil on canvas; 60x73

Price: 120 000 - 140 000 uah