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Semenyuta Vasyl Ivanovych (1925 - 1999)

A Ukrainian painter and sculptor. Born in Cherepovets, Russia. He graduated from Lviv Polygraphic Institute of I. Fedorov (his teacher were V. Savin and R. Silvestrov). He lived and worked in Lubny, Poltava region. He had friendly relations with M. Burachek. He founded the art studio in Lubny, where he taught from 1954 till 1975. He opened the art gallery in 1971. Honored Worker of Ukrainian Culture (1980). His personal exhibitions took place in Lubny (1984, 1991) and Kyiv (1995). Author of landscapes and genre compositions. His works are stored in the Art Museum of Ukraine.

Painters works:

Auction 19 Lot 67

Mgarsky monastery»,
board, oil; 3046

Price: 10 000 - 12 000 $