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Solomko Sergiy Sergiyovych (1867 - 1928)

A Russian painter, graphic artist, watercolourist. Born in St. Petersburg, the son of the General. He studied at Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1883 - 1887) and St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1887 - 1888). He masterly painted historical and allegorical scenes, scenes from the life of boyar and illustrations of the Russian fairy tales in watercolor. He worked for many magazines ("The World of Arts", "Golden Fleece", "Niva", "Jester", etc.), illustrated the works of O. Pushkin, M. Lermontov, M. Gogol. A series of postcards was issued reproducing his drawings. He worked for the Imperial Porcelain Factory, creating miniatures for the jewelry firm of C. Faberg_. In 1914 his watercolour work "Cuirassier" was acquired by the Empress Olexandra Fedorivna. Member of the Society of Russian watercolorists and St. Petersburg union of artists. Since 1910 he permanently lived in Paris, where he had great popularity. He completed numerous illustrations for Parisian publishers, created several series of postcards on the theme of the Russian antiquities for the publishing house of I. Lapin. In 1921 he participated in the exhibition "The Artists of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Petrograd." He was a member of the Soxiety of mutual assistance and charity for the Russian artists in Paris. He is buried in the cemetery of Sainte-Genevi_ve-des-Bois.

Painters works:

Auction 13 Lot 12

«Pray», Ist quarter 20thC
paper, mixed technique; 35,527

Price: 3 500 4 500 $

Auction 9 Lot 6

«Sketch of Turkish costume», beginning 20thC
paper, watercolor; 4024; right below

Price: 2 200 3 000 $

Auction 4 Lot 5

paper, watercolor; 1710

Price: 3 000 5 000 $

Auction 4 Lot 8

paper, watercolor; 19,515

Price: 6 000 8 000 $

Auction 4 Lot 17

«Mermaid and fawn»,
beginning 20thC
paper, gouache; 5242

Price: 12 000 17 000 $

Auction 22 Lot 32

«Portrait of a Woman», late XIXthC
canvas, oil; 60x45

Price: 10 000 12 000 $