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Kharytonov Mykola Vasylyovych (1880 - 1944)

A Russian painter. Born in Yaroslavl province. For some time he lived in St. Petersburg. Around 1895 he went to Valamo, became a lay brother in the monastery, where he painted icons for two years. He returned to St. Petersburg, attended Drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Artists and the private studio of L. Dmytriev-Kavkazskyy. In 1901 he became the auditor in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, since 1902 he studied at the studio of I. Repin. In 1909 he received the title of the artist. He lived and worked in St. Petersburg. He painted portraits and genre scenes, landscapes of the Russian North and the Caucasus; he created portraits of the royal family. He participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the Academy of Arts and the 44th exhibition of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1916). He received the awards of the competition named after A. Kuindzhi for such pictures as "Nanny" (purchased by the museum of the Academy of Arts) and "Lady in Black" (purchased by Leipzig museum at the International Exhibition in Munich), the 1st award of the Society for the Promotion of Artists of genre painting and Jubilee Prize of Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg. He was a member of the Society named after A. Kuindzhi, the community of the artists and Yaroslavl Artistic Society. In 1912 he traveled to Europe, worked in Paris, studied in Munich Academy of Arts. In 1919 he emigrated to the Kingdom of SCS (Serbs, Croats and Slovenes). He designed performances in the Croatian national theater in Zagreb. Since 1923 he lived in New York, was naturalized in America. He pworked as a portrait painter. His works are presented in the State Russian Museum, the State Central Theater Museum named afterA. Bakhrushyn, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 4 Lot 35

cardboard, oil; 4635,5

Price: 25 000 40 000 $

Auction 2 Lot 21

«Lady in ermine»,1918
wood, oil; 80,557

Price: 25 000 30 000 $