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Kharon Olexander Samuyilovych (1953)

A Ukrainian artist and icon painter. Born in Odessa. He began to paint when he was 2 years old. In the late 1960s he studied under the guidance of the famous Odessa artist O. Freydin. He graduated from Odessa Art School, later he studied at Leningrad High Artistic and Industrial School named after V. Mukhina. For some time he worked as a restorer and an icon painter in the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg. In 1988 he emigrated to the USA, settled in San Francisco, where he opened his own school of painting. He worked as a lecturer in the Theological University in the University of Berkeley (California, the USA). The exhibitions of the artist were held in the Vatican, Vienna, Athens, Tokyo, Paris, Odessa, San Francisco, Baltimore, etc. He performed a few icons on the order of Pope John Paul II, which are now kept in the Vatican collection. His works are stored in numerous private collections, including the collection of Paramaunt Pictures and in Albert Gores collection (the USA). Two paintings of the author, which were painted at the age of 13 and 14, are in the collections of the Museum Pompidou in Paris. He is awarded with Volodymyrs Cross for the great contribution into the icon painting. Now he is the president of the Fund of Fine Arts in the USA.