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Hlyebovskyy Stanislav (1835 - 1884)

A Russian and Polish painter. Till 1853 he was educated at Odessa High School. From 1853 till 1859 he studied in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1857 he received the first silver medal, in 1858 - the second gold medal for the painting "The Assembly at the court of Peter the Great". In 1859 he was awarded a large gold medal and a pension trip abroad. He visited France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy. The most famous works of this period are "In the artist's studio" (1861), "Scene" (1863), "Entry of Joan of Arc to Amiens" (1864), which Napoleon III purchased for the city of Bar-le-Duc. In 1864 at the invitation of Sultan Abdul-Aziz he went to Constantinople, where for 12 years he served as a court painter (he worked in the palace of Dolma-Basque). For the order of Constantinople court he painted battle compositions on the Turkish history, palatial interiors and numerous portraits of the Sultan, one of which (the miniature on the bone) was represented at the exhibition of miniatures in Lviv. In 1870 he received the Order for the four historical paintings made for the throne room in the Behlyerbeh palace in Constantinople. While he was in Turkey, he often visited Germany, France, Italy and Poland. In 1873 in Cairo, he performed several ornamental compositions in watercolor and oil, which were a big demand. In 1876 due to the political situation in Constantinople he moved to Paris where his works enjoyed great success. He was awarded the Austrian Iron Crown of the 3rd Class, the Italian Anunsiat, and Wendy crown. His works are stored in the State Museum of Fine Arts, in the Art Museums of Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, in the Museum of Art in Lodge, in Lviv Art Gallery, etc.

Painters works:

Auction 1 Lot 8

«Courtyard in Constantinople», 1870s
oil, canvas; 27x34,3

Price: 26 000 32 000 $

Auction 24 Lot 16

«The Yard in Constantinople», 1870-ies
oil on canvas; 27x34,5

Price: 90 000 - 120 000 uah